Friday, September 18, 2009

My Take On Crop Circles

I listened to Art Bell once and some guy came on who sounded real laid back who said crop circles are my life. Seems he actually made his living going around studying crop circles. Where can I sign up?

I worked with a lady once who said she'd seen lights in the sky while in the middle of the ocean on a navy ship. She said strange metals had been found at crop circles. I said they might find strange metals if they looked elsewhere in the field.

The crop circle guy seemed to be on a spiritual quest, not a scientific one. There are people who have gone out, and using simple tools, created an elaborate design in only a few hours. This puts a burden on a real scientist who shows up to study a crop circle. They have to rule out any possibility that the crop circle was man made.

Since it has been proven that humans can create crop circles, a legitimate scientist, upon arriving at a crop circle, will assume that it is man made unless he can prove otherwise. UFO researchers, like the new age guy on the Art Bell show, assume that every crop circle is automatically of extra terrestrial origin.

UFO researchers have examined wheat sample from a circle to show that the wheat has supposedly been stressed, and they have found metals, like I mentioned before. A real scientist would get specimens from other areas of the wheat field and compare them to the ones found at the site. A legitimate scientist shares his work with others to see if they get similar results. Scientist also have this thing called peer review where other scientist look at their work and see if they think his claims are valid. It can be very difficult to get a claim accepted by the majority of scientist.

For example. People have claimed for years to find evidence of a human presence in South America earlier than the accepted date. Archeologist Tom Dillehay found a site at Monte Verde Chile. Only after the evidence was examined by numerous scientist was his new date recognized as valid. Crop circle investigators should face the same scrutiny.

And crop circles being an attempt by aliens to communicate makes no sense. Why would extraterrestrials make patterns in one medium that is only around during part of the year? Why would they choose a rural location instead of an area of high habitation? What message could they be trying to communicate? Anyone trying to make contact would use something simple. In the movie "Close Encounters" it was musical notes. Any intelligence using pictures would start with simple shapes then probably take a mathematical approach.

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