Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Used To Be Fascinated With UFOs.

I got bored with UFOs. There are so many fascinating things that are incredible that I don't need UFOs. I have also never seen any convincing evidence. There are numerous eye witness accounts, but no verifiable physical evidence that holds up to scientific scrutiny. I am amazed that a whole field of research exist where there is no shred of proof.

How do I explain eye witness accounts? Abductees show real signs of post traumatic stress syndrome and truly believe that their experience was real. I have noticed some interesting features about the most common scenario however. Usually they are minding there own business when a flying saucer appears, they are taken on board, often floating up into the craft. They are laid on a table and painfully poked and prodded by the aliens then put back where they were and left.

It seems that the experience is always unpleasant. They are taken into an unfamiliar environment by hostile beings, literally alien, then have their personal space, there very bodies, violently violated. Now I wonder, with the incredible distance that the Aliens would have to travel, and the technology necessary to do so, why would they go about doing such crude seemingly purposeless experiments? Wouldn't they have better technology where they would not have much need for sharp painful instruments. We have MRI scans. They would have better. And for a blood or tissue sample they certainly would have a means of getting those painlessly. After all, even we have anesthetics. They probably would not even need to put the person on the ship, but could use portable equipment.

And they wouldn't necessarily need to have the subject conscious, we primitives have anesthesia, wouldn't they have better? They could sneak up to the subject and do the examination without the subject knowing that anything happened.

Abductees often don't remember what happened, they just have lost time. But then they start having bad dreams then under hypnoses the story comes out. If the aliens did indeed intend the subjects to not remember then at least in some cases they are not successful. That is pretty shoddy for creatures that can travel thousands of light years. Then you might say they don't understand human physiology. Then what have they learned with all the poking and prodding?

If they were not trying to be secretive then we'd see UFO's everywhere. They should either be so stealthy that we are not aware of them, or so unconcerned that their presence is obvious, or they are stupid.

And I remember on some show, someone commenting that the aliens, after such lack of concern over the obductees well being gently put them back like tucking them in. Also if aliens wanted a specimen they could just take one.

You could explain their behavior by saying that it is alien behavior, after all aliens would act alien.

That is too easy, and too much of a catch all. My speculation is that abductees experienced something horrible, so horrible that their mind blocks it out, that their mind replaces the memory with symbolism. Like the couple who said that a group of people surrounded their car then the next thing they knew, it was hours later. Maybe it was a motorcycle gang.

Maybe the guys who were out in a boat and got taken up, maybe something bad happened. Maybe one of the guys raped the others. Interesting thing about that incident is some of the men have recanted.

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