Tuesday, June 30, 2009


After watching a recorded program recently I caught a snatch of a show on the History Channel about Nostradamus. They were saying he predicted 9 11 and other recent events.

I remember, about five years ago seeing another show on the History Channel from the 1970's. I think it had been a feature film. It reviewed the so called predictions he had made, like Hitler. The show said that he had predicted the then current event of the Shah fleeing Iran and coming to the U.S.

Then the show set out to predict what was in store for the future based on "The Prophecies," No's 1555 book of peculiar quatrains. In the twenty five years that had followed since that film not a single thing they predicted had come to pass. Thank Goodness! A middle eastern despot wearing a blue turban has not taken over the world.

The brief clip I saw of the new show marveled at the accuracy of his predictions of the last thirty years. That is amazing considering that No said the world would end in 1988! Well it is easy to apply his prophecies to things that have already happened. Particularly when they do games like change 1999 to 9111 to say he predicted the September eleventh World Trade Center attack.

The proof is in the pudding. Predicting things before they happened failed utterly. That feature film is still around as proof. Unless they destroyed it.

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