Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'll begin at the beginning

If the Bible started at Chapter two, this would be the creation story. God made the earth and heavens. No plants were upon the earth, and no rain. No humans existed yet. Streams came up from the earth to water the land. God creates man from the dust and breathes the breath of life into him.
God had planted a garden. He puts the man in the garden. He creates trees including the infamous one. A river flows from Eden and branches into four rivers. God appoints Man to take care of the Garden and tells him he is free to eat anything except from the infamous tree.
God decides to make a helper from man, a woman, but he is just thinking about it. God creates all the animals and brings them to Adam for him to name.
Finally God puts Adam into a sleep and makes a woman from his one of his ribs.

If we did not have the first chapter, this would be the Christian creation story. This story is a separate, contradictory account of creation, not a continuation of the first chapter. The order in which things are created is different. God creates heaven and earth first, then water, then man, then plants then animals, then woman (and woman is a second class citizen).

This is opposed to the first chapter where god creates heaven and earth, then water... then he makes ground, then he makes plants... then he makes birds and fish, then ground animals. Then finally he creates man, male and female at the same time as equals.

People say all the time "If its in the Bible I believe it." Well which of the two contradictory creation stories do you see as The Truth?

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